Types of Hackers and Common Hacking Tools

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Types of Hackers and Common Hacking Tools


As we all know, hacking is getting unauthorised access into a computer system. The main objective of a hacker when getting into a system is to create havoc. But on a personal level, the fact that they have been able to intrude into a particular system is more satisfying. However, some hackers penetrate a system for a good cause as you will learn below.


2 Types of Hackers

Black Hat Hackers
Black hat hackers, in the words, are the bad people. These people will illegally break into a computer system, irrespective of what type of computer or location. Their primary goal is to cause harm, for example, they can hack a person’s personal bank account and transfer the money to their account. Or, worst, they can infect your computer with viruses.

White Hat Hackers
On the other hand, there exist the white hat hackers, which are undoubtedly the one that will never provide any harm to you or your computer. They are here to help you prevent any potential attacks from black hat hackers. White hat hackers are considered to be an official and legal job.

The Tools used by Hackers
Hacking a system is a long process that requires much work. Hackers make use of many tools to help them in their mission. 

Two standard hacking tools mostly used.

Keyloggers are software that is used for logging every key that is being typed on the keyboard. Hackers send keyloggers on computer systems via malware. Whenever and whatever you are typing is recorded in a file and sent via email. With the aid of keyloggers, hackers quickly determine passwords, banking details, and confidential data.

They were initially developed to fix computer systems at a remote distance. Hackers mostly implement rootkits in computer systems by using phishing. As a result, rootkits enable them to take full control of the system.

To Conclude
Hacking is widely practised nowadays. The internet is full of malware that can cause harm to your computer system. Therefore it is crucial to fully protect your system and update all your software and applications.