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Comment debuter avec la programmation C++ moderne ?

De nos jours, il existe divers langages de programmation et chacun ayant ses propres spécificités, la programmation C++ en fait partie. Ce langage n’est pas seulement rapide, mais très rapide. C’est l’un des modes de programmation les plus utilisés chez les développeurs.   Présentation du langage de programmation C++ Le langage de programmation C++ est très…
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Want the Best Proxies for Facebook?

If you are looking forward to creating Facebook accounts, or unblock Facebook, or scrape Facebook, then Proxies for Facebook are what you need. Proxy provides a fast and easy way for anyone to shield their original IP address. Many proxies are blocked and cannot be used on Facebook, while others can bypass the Facebook check.…
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Facebook open graph: what to know about it?

Have you wondered why other articles seem to perform well on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, while yours barely gets views? The secret to their success is the open graph debugger—an API tool developed by Facebook. To use it, you must first understand some things about the API tool. What is an open…
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What’s the big deal with big data?

Big Data technology is the rave today as companies strive to apply it in their firms and products. Big Data is an enormous quantity of data that continues to change when examined with present technological tools. There is a rigorous effort to analyze that data to find its elements and extract valuable parts inexpensively. That…
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Tips to Become a Better Coder

Coding is an art. It is the dream of every coder to excel at what they do. Whenever you go through the fantastic work of a coder, all you wish for is to write excellent code lines. Moreover, despite many software developing companies on the market, many fellow coders are waiting in life to grab…
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