Want the Best Proxies for Facebook?

Learn the best from the best

Want the Best Proxies for Facebook?

If you are looking forward to creating Facebook accounts, or unblock Facebook, or scrape Facebook, then Proxies for Facebook are what you need. Proxy provides a fast and easy way for anyone to shield their original IP address. Many proxies are blocked and cannot be used on Facebook, while others can bypass the Facebook check. Proxies provide security and much-needed privacy to the users. It is safe to use proxies seeing that a third party cannot trace them.
Here we will look at the best Facebook proxies’ providers, identifying the top best ones that can be used on Facebook. Keep in mind that the best proxies to use on Facebook are mobile and residential proxies. Circumvent using rotating proxies as they can place you in trouble. The list below mentions all proxies’ providers with many locations, quality proxies, and correct platform features.

Mobile Facebook Proxies

If you have to choose between residential proxies and mobile proxies, it is better to choose mobile proxies because they are barely banned from being used on Facebook. Thus, making it the most expensive.
Examples of Mobile Proxies

  • Luminati
    Luminati has the largest proxy providers and high-quality IP addresses. Despite it being widely used, it is pretty expensive and has difficult settings.
  • Proxy-cheap
    Despite all many proxies being expensive, proxy-cheap is the exact opposite. Proxy-cheap proxies come at a fair price and are functional.
  • Soax
    It offers mobile Ips (3G & 4G) and residential IPs.Despite its good performance, it is feature-locked, has a slow response time, and has traffic-based pricing.

Residential Proxies for Facebook

Most people prefer to use residential proxies because they are readily available, affordable and they work just as well as mobile proxies.
Examples of Residential Proxies

  • Luminati static residential proxies that are great for Facebook.
  • Microleaves (shifter.io). They provide proxies that are dedicated proxies, backconecct proxies and shared proxies.
  • Smartproxy. They have IPv4 that is recommended for facebook but have limitation of Ips.


Proxies are valuable when hiding your IP address, but Facebook blocks some, thus not being used on the Facebook site.