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Youtube Disables Rewind Video for 2020

Youtube is disabling Rewind for 2020. The year 2020 is coming to its end, and most of the world population will not look at 2020 with fond. 2020 is considered to be the worst year on a global level. This is because of the worldwide pandemic, the coronavirus and also known as the COVID-19, which…
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Types of Hackers and Common Hacking Tools

As we all know, hacking is getting unauthorised access into a computer system. The main objective of a hacker when getting into a system is to create havoc. But on a personal level, the fact that they have been able to intrude into a particular system is more satisfying. However, some hackers penetrate a system…
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Online Games To Help You Improve Coding

If you want to be good at coding, you have to improve your coding. Practice makes perfect. Some standard methods to perfect your skills is by going through books, online tutorials and creating dummies. However, this can be boring. Yes, geeks get bored too! Many people complain that they have limited time when they are…
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Tips to Become a Better Coder

Coding is an art. It is the dream of every coder to excel at what they do. Whenever you go through the fantastic work of a coder, all you wish for is to write excellent code lines. Moreover, despite many software developing companies on the market, many fellow coders are waiting in life to grab…
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The Best Programming Languages For Beginners

Every beginner always has this question in mind, “What is the best programming language for a beginner?”. Indeed, it is crucial to know what precisely is programming before launching yourself in this field. First of all, it is always good to be aware of a few programming basics, as this will eventually help you in…
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